Database Migration from Informix to SQL Server 2008

Tuesday May 18th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

SQL Server 2008 brings a lot of new functionality. With all this new functionality, maybe now is the time to consider porting your legacy Informix databases to SQL Server. Read this white paper to understand the issues and mapping requirements necessary to move an Informix database successfully.

Are you running your application against an Informix 11+ database?  Have you ever wondered what it would take to move your database to SQL Server?   If so, now there is help with identifying the issues associated with migrating from Informix to SQL Server 2008.

The migration process is not that hard.  You need start with mapping out your migration.  This mapping process requires you to determine how your Informix database will map to SQL Server databases and schemas.  You also need to map your Informix data types to the appropriate SQL Server data types.   With SQL Server comes a tool known as SQL Server Integration Services, more commonly called SSIS.  SSIS can be used to perform the actual migration of the data from your legacy Informix database into a fresh SQL Server database.

In this white paper, all the issues are identified to help jump start your migration planning.  After reading this paper, you will have an excellent understanding not only of how to move your data, but also how to transform your code, using SQL Server coding syntax and techniques.  If you are just contemplating a migration of your Informix database to SQL Server, or are in the middle of your migration planning, then you should make reading this white paper a priority.  Make sure you  understand all of the issues to ensure your migration goes as smooth as possible.

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