Unlock Enterprise Data through Data Integration

Tuesday Apr 27th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Many applications today were not built with the idea of sharing data. In order to grow your business and make good business decisions you need to start thinking about integrating your corporate data. By making Data Integration a priority, you can reduce your storage costs and accelerate application delivery.

Unlocking your enterprise data can bring a wealth of information to your organization.   Many organizations today do not efficiently manage their corporate data.  Not having, a handle on how to manage their data increases complexity and risk, and raises storage and management costs. 

Organizations today need to streamline the data collection and consolidation process, to help better manage their data growth.  By doing this you can reduce the data costs and speed up the delivery of new applications.  You can minimize the cost of re-writing old systems or completely replacing them, by having good data management practices in place.

Read this white paper to understand integrated data management practices.  By managing your corporate data, your organization will have a way of align business goals with the corporate data.  Doing this will provide your company executives the confidence it needs to make business decision knowing it is based on timely and accurate data.

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