Complete Data Warehousing Solution using Oracle 11g With Known Hardware Providers

Tuesday Mar 2nd 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Oracle provides the best of breed software when it comes to building Data Warehouses. Now Oracle has collaborated with hardware vendors to provide a scalable performance oriented hardware and software solutions for supporting a data warehousing. By providing these collaborated deployment models, Oracle simplifies the designing and configuration aspects of your data warehouse environment.

Oracle Database 11g provides a data warehouse and business intelligence system that is scalable and performance oriented in a single platform environment.   Oracle Database 11g provides best of breed data warehouse and data mart solutions that will scale to 100's of terabytes of data.   Oracle Database 11g also includes leading ETL tools, like Oracle Warehouse Builder.

Oracle has now teamed up with Sun, and other hardware vendors to deliver a complete warehouse hardware/software solutions.  One example of this is using Sun Exadata Storage Servers, with Oracle's unique Exadata storage software to provided a high performance data warehouse environment.   Oracle has partnered with  a number of hardware vendors to provide a variety of pre-packaged data warehouse solution.  These pre-packaged configurations makes it easier to deploy a software/hardware solution for your data warehouse environment.

This white-paper outlines the different capabilities available for Oracle data warehouse.  In this paper you will find out why Oracle is the market leader for data warehousing technology.  Some of the key factors are scalability, and performance, as well as a set of flexible and powerful set of table partitioning capabilities.  By combining Oracle data warehouse engine packaged with different hardware solutions, Oracle provides a complete software/hardware solution to its customers. 

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