Your Company's Most Valuable Resource

Tuesday Feb 23rd 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Managing the corporate assets is important. Proper management of your company's resources will make it thrive. The most important company asset sometimes does not appear on your corporate balance sheet, and that asset is your corporate data. In order to make sure you manage your corporate data appropriately read this white paper to learn about what it takes to manage your company's most valuable resource appropriately.

When you think of corporate assets, you normally think about things like, stock inventory, cash, accounts receivable, and other things that appear on your company's annual financial report.  While these are important to every company, you also need to think about your employees, and your corporate data.  Your corporate data is what gives your company a competitive advantage over your competition.

Managing your data assets is critical.  In this white paper, you will find information about security and providing accurate views of your corporate date.  This paper will explore three different areas you should focus on when maintaining your data.  The first area is keeping your data accurate and up to date.  Business decision makers cannot make good business decisions with old and inaccurate data.  By providing clean and up to date data, you give your management the information they require to make sound business decisions.   The second area to explore is security and accessibility to your data.  If your data is not secure your corporate secrets might be leaked to your competitors, and if your data users cannot get access to company data then your organization may lose valuable time and revenue while your data is inaccessible.  The last thing to understand is that data needs to be usable and well governed.  You need to determine who and how your data will be managed.  Things to consider are, who are the data stewards, how will your data be monitored, and what are the processes used to import and update your data.

Managing your corporate data is important.  You need to consider taking appropriate steps to secure, use and manage your corporate data.  You need to put controls in place to manage your data today and for the long term.  Even though data does not appear on your company's balance sheet, you need to treat it as your most valuable resource.

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