Fast Track Data Warehouse

Tuesday Feb 9th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Take the fast tracked approach to designing your data warehouse to achieve an out-of-the-box performance oriented, scalable environment. This can be accomplished by matching your data warehouse workloads with your software and hardware components.

If you are building a data warehouse, you want to make sure it meets your business requirements, as well as your performance requirements.   The Fast Track Data Warehouse design approach helps make sure you meet your requirements.  This methodology makes sure your design optimizes SQL Server processing performance while maximizing your I/O throughput when creating aggregated data. 

This kind of out of the box performance is achieved by following a little different methodology.  To create a fast track data warehouse, you must first look at the patterns of your data warehouse workloads, and then layout your data differently than a traditional data warehouse.  By looking at your data differently, you are able to improve performance and reduce the number of disks required to support your data warehouse.    To achieve this design you need to balance your complex relationships with your database system architecture.  By separating the different operations necessary to process your data, you are able to optimize SQL Server capabilities to match the required throughput. 

The fast track data warehouse approach is a way of balancing your hardware components with your workload centric data.  This methodology realizes that the one-size fits all approach does not provide an optimized solution.   By understanding your workloads and benchmarking your hardware and software components, you can build a data warehouse that matches your data workloads while optimizing performance. 


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