Delete Old Folders

Thursday Jun 17th 2004 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

This VBScript can be used to delete old folders.

>>Script Language and Platform: MSSQL/VBScript
This VBScript can be used to delete old folders.

'Usage: DeleteOldFolder "\\Servername1\Sharename\Replication\" "3" "\\servername2\log\DeleteOldFolders.log"

'Usage: DeleteOldFolder "d:\MSSQL\BACKUP\Replication\" "2" "C:\mylog.txt"

Author: MAK

'Objective: To Delete folders older than certain # of days.
'Created by: MAK
'Date Written: Jun 4, 2004
'Usage: DeleteOldFolder "\\Servername\d$\MSSQL\BACKUP\Replication\" "2" "C:\mylog.txt"
'Usage: DeleteOldFolder "\\Servername1\Sharename\Replication\" "3" 
On error resume next
if isnull(WScript.Arguments(0))=True or isnull(WScript.Arguments(1))=True 
	or  isnull(WScript.Arguments(2))=True then
msgbox "Usage: DeleteOldFolder" & "'\\Servername1\Sharename\Replication\' '3' 
end if
Dim Directory 
Dim Noofdays
Dim FSO2
Dim LogFile
Dim Folderlist 
Dim folders 
Directory =WScript.Arguments(0)
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set FSO2 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FilesyStemObject")
Set ofile = oFSO.createTextFile(LogFile, True)
ofile.writeline "DeleteOldFolders Started"
ofile.writeline now()
Set Folderlist = FSO.GetFolder(Directory)
Set folders = Folderlist.SubFolders
        For Each d In Folders
'          msgbox d.name 
'          msgbox d.size
'          msgbox d.dateCreated
'          msgbox d.dateLastModified
'          msgbox d.dateLastAccessed
tempdirectory = Directory & d.name 
'msgbox Noofdays 
'msgbox datediff("d",d.dateCreated,now()) 
If  datediff("d",d.dateCreated,now()) > Noofdays Then
       FSO2.DeleteFolder(tempdirectory )
ofile.writeline cstr(now()) & "    " & tempdirectory & " Delete Started"
if err.number <>0 then
ofile.writeline cstr(now()) & "    " & Err.description 
ofile.writeline cstr(now()) & "    " & tempdirectory & " has been deleted"
end if
'       msgbox tempdirectory & " has been deleted"
       End If
'msgbox "Done"
ofile.writeline "DeleteOldFolders Completed"
ofile.writeline now()

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