Oracle Expands MySQL for Windows

Wednesday Sep 7th 2011 by Sean Michael Kerner

MySQL isn't just for the LAMP stack anymore.

For over a decade, the open source MySQL database has been a critical component of the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack.

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is now moving to make MySQL more attractive for Microsoft Windows users in an effort that might help it to take share from rival SQL Server. Oracle this week announced a new installer for Windows that is intended to help accelerate deployments.

"Windows is a major development and deployment platform for MySQL," an Oracle spokesperson told InternetNews.com. "This new installer demonstrates Oracle's continued investment in the MySQL technology and specifically to improving the MySQL experience for Windows users."

Oracle acquired the MySQL database as part of the acquisition of Sun in January 2010. Oracle has since updated MySQL multiple times and most recently releases a preview release of MySQL 5.6.

The Oracle spokesperson added that by providing Windows users with a simple, visual installer, they can go from download to having a MySQL system up and running in 5 minutes. According to Oracle, the new MySQL for Windows installer enables users to get the open source database up and running in one-third of the time it previously took.

Included in the MySQL for Windows product are the latest generally available versions of the MySQL Database, supported connectors, Workbend and sample databases.

While Oracle is now delivering a new installer for Windows, Linux users aren't likely to see a new installer anytime soon.

"The Windows installer is graphical and point-and-click oriented, while Linux packages are navigated and installed via the command line," the spokesperson said. "This aligns very well with the standard Windows and Linux user experience."

The new installer was built from scratch, specifically for MySQL and isn't based on code from Windows installers that Oracle uses for other software.

The MySQL for Windows installer code is all open source as well, licensed under the GPL and available for anyone to download at: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/installer/

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of Internet.com, the network for technology professionals.

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