Couchbase Launches v3.0 of Its NoSQL Database

Friday Oct 10th 2014 by Chris Preimesberger
Couchbase Launches v3.0 of Its NoSQL Database

Couchbase 3.0 introduces more than 200 new features and enhancements, including major extensions to its core architecture.

NoQSL database provider Couchbase has unveiled a 3.0 version of its Couchbase Server, a release the CEO says is its most significant to date.

Couchbase 3.0 introduces more than 200 new features and enhancements, including major extensions to its core architecture that improve the scalability, reliability and performance of the distributed database, CEO Bob Wiederhold told eWEEK.

This release expands Couchbase Server to support an even broader set of enterprise and big data use cases, Wiederhold said.

"Couchbase was the first NoSQL database to consolidate the cache, first to document layers of NoSQL and the first to deliver the first NoSQL mobile database," Wiederhold said.

Due to its new-gen capabilities, Couchbase 3.0 can fit into many more use cases than previously, Wiederhold said. "More enterprises can join companies like AT&T, Walmart and eBay that run high-performance mission-critical apps on Couchbase," he said.

Key New Capabilities

Couchbase Server 3.0 includes major foundational advancements—such as stream-based Database Change Protocol and Dynamically Tunable Memory—that improve scalability, resilience, performance and the cost-efficiency of working with massive operational data sets.  

Other benefits include the following:

--Enterprises can apply Couchbase Server to an even wider range of use cases, reducing or eliminating the need for other databases and distributed caches, thereby lowering costs and complexity.

--For administrators, numerous enhancements greatly simplify and streamline the management of their Couchbase deployment.

--Developers can leverage new Couchbase SDKs—which provide native JSON programmability as well as integration with both popular and emerging frameworks, including .NET, Java, RxJava, Spring, twisted, gevent, and others—to more easily and efficiently build applications with far less effort and coding required.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Couchbase also released version 2.0 of its software development kits. The 2.0 releases include Couchbase SDKs for C, Java, .NET, Node, PHP, Python and Ruby, making it easy for developers using the most popular programming languages to build scalable and high-performance next-generation applications.

Originally published on eWeek.
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