Using new location-aware data types in SQL Server 2008

Monday Sep 21st 2009 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Learn how leverage location based data using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 from C# applications and combine them with interactive maps.

[From Developer.com]

As affordable, GPS based devices start becoming commonplace in the consumer space, providing solutions that understand the importance of location becomes more and more important. Similarly, in a business setting, location can play a key role in logistics, manufacturing and support, to name a few.

Storing location data is, in its simplest form, a matter of storing the latitude and longitude of the location. Using simple floating point fields allows you to store this information, and for simple applications this can be enough. However, if you want to create more advanced applications, or use geometric algorithms to locate data points, then you must code the necessary routines yourself. For instance, how would you go on and find all stored locations within a 10 mile radius of a given spot?

In such a situation, wouldn't it be nice if the database itself could handle some of the work for you? This is what the latest release of SQL Server aims to do.

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