Template Driven PHP Architecture

Tuesday Sep 15th 2009 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Discover the power of PHP Templating with Marc Plotz.

[From Web Developer's Virtual Library]

Much thought went into writing the first line of this article. I thought about a lot of things to say that would probably sound smart or at least vaguely intelligent--then I thought better if it. You are here to learn about templating, aren't you? Let's get right to it then.

What I am confronted with every day is the clash between designers and developers. This is more of a metaphorical one than a real thing, but it exists. The problem is that the two worlds cannot meet on solid ground. The designer thinks in terms of style, shapes, layouts, while the developer thinks in terms of code, structure and architecture. But there is some point--albeit shaky--where the two meet, and that is called HTML.

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