MySQL Developer, meet "Quan" (aka the MySQL Query Analyzer)

Monday May 18th 2009 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

The MySQL Query Analyzer ("Quan") is designed to save development time on query coding and tuning by expanding on all of the good things found in the Slow Query Log, SHOW PROCESSLIST; EXPLAIN plan, and 5.1 profiler all with no dependence of any of these atomic things. To this end, we integrated Quan into the Enterprise Monitor so developers can monitor security, performance, availability AND all of their queries across all their MySQL servers from a single, consolidated view.

[From MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, Inc.]

During my years as an application developer I was most in my element when working on projects that involved building applications from the ground up. Somehow taking user and customer pain points and requirements and turning them into a working solution was much more satisfying than upgrading an existing application, fixing bugs, or tracking down and tuning a slowdown, especially when these tasks involved code I had not created. Along the line, I developed and supported applications that ran on SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 (z390!) and MySQL, each of which posed some interesting twists when it comes to proactively tuning code as it is being developed and tested.

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