Spatial Data Support in SQL Server 2008

Monday Jan 26th 2009 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

New spatial data support in SQL Server 2008 opens the door to mapping and querying geometric and geographic data, allowing you to build exciting new applications.

[From MSDN Magazine]

SQL Server 2008 offers a number of enhancements, including new data types, new T-SQL statements, and incremental changes to Microsoft .NET Framework support, XML support, and the Service Broker feature. By far, the biggest and most exciting change for developers is the SQL Server 2008 support for spatial data—a powerful addition to the SQL Server programmer's toolbox. In this column, I'm going to present a short overview of spatial data and illustrate some interesting uses.

Spatial data is defined as data that is represented by 2D or 3D images. SQL Server 2008 supports 2D images, and 3D may be added in a future release. Spatial data can be further subdivided into geometric data (data that can use calculations involving Euclidian geometry) and geographic data (data that identifies geographic locations and boundaries on the earth).

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