Compress to Impress

Monday Sep 8th 2008 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Use Oracle Advanced Compression to conserve resources and improve performance.

[From OTN]

John the DBA at Acme Bank is looking at charts and spreadsheets from the company's capacity planning group. Amid all the fancy-looking graphics and numbers, the message is clear—the bank's database size is going to grow incredibly in the near future. There are many reasons—the natural growth of the business, moving existing applications from desktop systems to the enterprise domain, the constant development of new applications, legal requirements to retain data longer, and so on. The data volume is going to grow exponentially, and the processing capacity (CPU, network, and I/O bandwidth) will also grow, but not at the same pace. This poses major challenges for database operations:

The article continues at http://www.oracle.com/technology/oramag/oracle/08-jul/o48advcomp.html

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