OP-ED: Why LINQ to SQL is a Better Option than Straight SQL

Tuesday Aug 19th 2008 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

LINQ to SQL eliminates SQL Injection Attacks and is easier to use than straight SQL to boot.

[From Developer.com]

I understand how malicious code can be created. Years ago I, figured out to embed the Michelangelo virus in the old command.com, have command.com open the speaker port and leave a permanent beep on, and even wrote a keyboard sniffer based on BIOS interrupts. This was almost twenty years ago and that's where I left my curiosity. So, other then helping the occasional friend get rid of bots, worms, and popup cheese whiz, I am by no means an expert at malicious code. In fact, I wish the authors of such code would just get a life.

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