Test Center preview: Microsoft's "Katmai" is filled to the brim

Thursday Jul 17th 2008 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

SQL Server 2008 release candidate sports improvements across the board, but the head turners – and disappointments – will mostly impact large shops.

[From InfoWorld]

Katmai, the code name for Microsoft's imminent SQL Server 2008 release, comes from an Alaskan territory know for volcanoes, which may not be the best symbol for a database. So far, however, Katmai hasn't blown up on me. And the lower-profile Katmai seems like a good follow-on to Yukon, the code name for the gigantic SQL Server 2005 release.

Building on the sweeping, enterprise-oriented improvements in SQL Server 2005 (see review), Katmai sports very nice new features for large deployments.

The article continues at http://www.infoworld.com/article/08/07/17/29TC-sql-2008-preview_1.html

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