How to restore SQL Server database to transition server during upgrade

Tuesday Jun 24th 2008 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Part 2 in this upgrade series lists the steps to point application traffic at a transition server while the primary cluster is rebuilt to Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005.

[From Search SQLServer]

This is part two in a series of articles describing the case history of a database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 Active/Active cluster running on Window 2000 Server to a Windows Server 2003/SQL Server 2005 Active/Active cluster. Consultant Matthew Schroeder will walk you through the technical and decision-making process of real-world IT and database management teams. The article is based on two online upgrades: a commercial website and an eBay ordering system. For confidentiality reasons, certain details of the actual project have been changed.

The article continues at http://searchsqlserver.techtarget.com/tip/0,289483,sid87_gci1317957,00.html

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