Imperva Prevents Fraud with Fine Grained Visibility into Database Changes

Wednesday Mar 12th 2008 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

SecureSphere provides row-level auditing and alerts for changes to data including before and after values; does not require any changes to database or applications.

[From Imperva]

Foster City, CA, Mar 11, 2008 – Imperva today announced that its SecureSphere Database Security Gateways now automatically identify and alert organizations to suspicious changes to sensitive database values right down to the row level. Unlike trigger-based approaches that require intrusive modifications to the database, SecureSphere uses Redo logs to transparently monitor even the most fine-grained changes and pinpoint the users who executed them.

The article continues at http://imperva.com/news/press/2008/03_11_imperva_prevents_fraud_with_track_value_changes.html

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