Database automation rises to new level with Clarity 4.5

Thursday Mar 6th 2008 by Linda Cole

GridApp introduces Clarity Actions and extends supported databases to include Sybase, DB2, UDB and MySQL in this latest release of Clarity.

Clarity 4.0's out-of-the-box functionality provided automation capabilities for such tasks as patching, provisioning, configuration and auditing-all of those time-consuming, tedious procedures. With the release of Clarity 4.5, GridApp Systems takes automation to the next level.

A core feature of Clarity 4.5 is Clarity Actions, which empowers customers to build their own scripts, setups and standard operating procedures and deploy those scripts throughout their environment.

The number of databases supported by Clarity has been expanded to include support for Sybase, DB2, UDB and MySQL, complementing the out-of-the-box offerings of Oracle and SQL Server.

Even though Clarity satisfied the need for automating audit tasks, validating the server, provisioning and patching, customers wanted more, so GridApp built a framework around automating operational tasks of the database (those on-going operational and maintenance tasks that suck up so much time).

Clarity 4.5 not only automates simple tasks, such as mass password changes, but also tasks that are extremely complicated-and both can be executed with complete confidence that the task will be 100% repeatable and 100% standardized. In addition, customers can build their own automation that's integrated with the same security model and GUI that they're used to using for their provisioning or patching.

The goal of automation is that in many cases you can have non-database administrators executing the actions. This, of course, brings up the concern that you will lose control of what's going on in the database. The reality is that now you can see every activity, whether it was an action, or patching or provisioning event that's been done on the system.

Along with operational efficiency, Clarity 4.5 provides the ability to effectively demonstrate and document that there are no material weaknesses in your policies and procedures, that you've got reporting and tracking and that there's a permanent record of who did what and of every command executed.

Clarity 4.5 ships with a library of starter actions that can be tweaked or even torn apart to suit your own environment. This out-of-the-box automation framework enables customers to build and manage automation for simple repetitive tasks or complex error-prone activities. Some of the popular pre-built Actions include SQL 2000 to 2005 upgrades, Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g upgrades, User and security management with best practices, Data migration and code promotion to production and Mass user updates.

A unique feature of Clarity 4.5 is secure log scraping. Sensitive information in centrally stored logs is identified and removed, ensuring that sensitive customer information is not disclosed.

GridApp Clarity 4.5 is available immediately. For more information, please visit: http://www.gridapp.com/products/clarity.php.

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