XML Gets Organized

Wednesday Oct 10th 2007 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

As XML content expands, good management tools are key. Native XML databases, SQL database add-ons and third-party integration tools all present advantages -- and trade-offs.

[From Computerworld]

When the Classwell Learning Group began building a database of online lesson plans and other information for teachers, it needed to store and access content ranging from word processing files to copy scanned from textbooks. Because it needed to store, access and query all those data types, the publisher chose an XML database product.

Deciding which XML data store is right for you depends on whether you have a stable schema, or design, for your XML data; the degree to which you need to store and audit transactions in their original form; and whether the application is critical enough to justify the expense of a separate, native XML database, say users and software vendors.

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