DBAs reveal how they rev their database without spending a fortune

Monday Aug 20th 2007 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Lots for admins to choose from on the market, but throwing money's not the answer.

[From Computerworld]

With a flock of new database management packages suddenly hitting the market, you'll forgive your database administrator (DBA) if they suddenly seem to be in a spending mood.

New or upcoming products include Oracle's just-released 11g, which, as usual, promises more features than a DBA can wrap his head around; Microsoft's SQL Server 2008, the follow-on to the successful SQL Server 2005, which is due out next February; the new "Cheetah" release of Informix, with which IBM hopes to chase down lost market share; and Version 9 of FileMaker's namesake software, which the vendor says is Web 2.0-ready but remains as easy to use as ever.

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