Oracle Accelerator Kit - Supercomputer-Class InfiniBand Hardware for Oracle Grid Computing Environments

Friday Jul 20th 2007 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Texas Memory Systems delivers plug-and-play Oracle acceleration by bundling QLogic switches and host channel adapters with RamSan solid state disks.

[From Texas Memory Systems]

Houston, Texas, USA, July 9, 2007 -- Texas Memory Systems, maker of the World’s Fastest Storage®, today announced a new Oracle Accelerator Kit – a product bundle designed to make it easier to accelerate Oracle database performance using supercomputer-class hardware. The Oracle Accelerator Kit includes Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan solid state disks, QLogic switches and QLogic host channel adaptors (HCAs) designed for InfiniBand-based Oracle grid computing environments

The article continues at http://www.superssd.com/pressrelease/2007-07-09.htm

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