Overview of SSIS

Monday Jun 18th 2007 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

SQL Server Integration Services, the ETL subsystem for SQL Server 2005, is a new paradigm of development for the SQL Server DBA. It is one of the most popular, and also complex, environments that many people work with in SQL Server 2005. Amit Lohia brings us an introduction to this environment along with the basics of building and deploying a package.

[From SQL Server Central]

There are many articles on SSIS focusing on different aspects of SSIS.

When I started learning SSIS I came across many great articles and found a solution to almost all of the problems I faced. This article is nothing more than compiling all the blog/help files and providing a comprehensive view of SSIS.

The article continues at http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/aLohia/2999.asp

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