Database Security through Security Assessment Tools

Tuesday May 11th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Today you need to be proactive to make sure your database systems are secure. You no longer can sit back and wait until someone finds a security hole and then go and patch it. You need to know your database is secure. To accomplish this, many companies are turning to data assessment tools. Learn more about how to select a database assessment tool by reading this research paper.

In today’s world of hackers and known security vulnerabilities, you need to make sure your database systems are not open to attack.  In the old days, it was somewhat common practice to assume your system was secure until someone identified a security hole.  However, today you need to be more proactive in making sure your system is secure before someone exploits a known vulnerability.

In order for companies to give themselves the confidence they need to know their system is not open security breaches, they are acquiring database assessment tools.  These assessment tools scan for known security holes and make sure systems are patched.  These tools started out as homegrown tools.  However, today vendors are providing robust enterprise ready assessment tools.  Vulnerability assessment is no longer just the job of the DBA.  Assessment efforts now include a wide range of stakeholders, and therefore organizations are looking for tools to help with this assessment.

If your organization is looking for security assessment tools that will help you to proactively uncover your database vulnerabilities, then you should consider reading this research paper.    To understand what kind of tools are out there, and what you really need for your situation, you need to know the requirements that a tool needs to meet.   By reading this paper, you will gain a better understanding of how to evaluate different assessment tools so you can make sure the correct assessment tool is purchased for your organization. 

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