What Does it Take to be a Best-in-Breed BI Shop

Tuesday Mar 9th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

There are a number of things, which best-in-breed BI shops are doing, to set them apart from the rest. By reading this research paper, you will have a better understand of what you are doing or need to do so your organization can be amongst the industry leaders when it comes to providing BI solutions to your company decision makers.

Today companies have more and more data that they need to sift through in order to make good business decisions.   With new data coming in rapidly, it is sometimes a challenge to get the data into a format that can be processed by business decision makers.  Having the most up to date information is critical to making good decisions and gives your company an advantage over their competitors.   What are the measurement points that will set your company apart from the masses?

In this research paper, Aberdeen Group surveyed 216 global organizations to determine how they are managing their data and how their processes make them best-in-breed BI solution providers.  From this research, Aberdeen Group ranked organizations in three different categories.  From these ranking you will be able to identify what sets the best-of-breed companies apart from the average.  Aberdeen Group also goes on to provide recommendations on what organizations need to do to improve the management of their data.  They also look at what technology you should invest in to help your organization move closer to being one of the best when it comes to managing data.

Read this white paper if you want to know what leading companies are doing to make them leaders in their data management practices.  You owe it to your organization to understand the data processing model that gives business decision makers the data they need when they need it.   After reading this research paper, you will understand what it takes to be a best-in-breed BI shop.

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