A Roundup of Popular MySQL Mobile Apps for Android

Monday Aug 24th 2015 by Rob Gravelle

Not so long ago, Rob Gravelle compiled a list of the most popular MySQL mobile apps for iOS. There are some excellent MySQL mobile apps available for Android as well. Rob Gravelle presents a selection of the popular choices.

Not so long ago, I compiled a list of the most popular MySQL mobile apps for iOS.  Shortly thereafter, I wrote a follow-up on Navicat’s brand new Navicat iOS app that was specifically designed for their Navicat Cloud service.   All of this emphasis on iOS might make you think that Apple has a monopoly on mobile MySQL client apps, but the truth is that there are some excellent apps available for other platforms as well.  Which brings me to today’s topic: rounding up a selection of popular MySQL mobile apps for the Android platform.

Evaluation Criteria

Due to the abundant number of apps to choose from, I had to set a benchmark to whittle down the candidates.  A good place to start was Google play.  It provides some search filters, one of which is a 4 stars+ rating.  By selecting it, you limit your search results to the cream of the crop, if you will.  Without getting too bogged down in the practice of fake reviews and such, I did give precedence to apps that had received many reviews.  My feeling is that more reviews equals more real reviews.  Genuine or not, in the end you and I are the final judges on the matter.  Just as pivotal to the final evaluation is the cost; some apps are free, while others cost a few dollars, usually $10 or less.  That should also play into it.

Google play
Google play

The Apps

ProSQL - The MySQL Client

Our first app is by Eclectick Studio S.L..  Unfortunately, their website was under construction at the time of this writing, so it was difficult to find out much about the company.   Nonetheless, there was plenty of useful information to be found on the Google play site, including a four star rating after 92 user reviews.   


In the tradition that you get what you pay for, ProSQL sits towards the top of the price range, clocking in at $7.37.  What that buys you is the ability to connect using SSH, an interface that is optimized for both mobile and tablet sized screens, Table Structure/Row/User editors, an SQL editor with syntax highlighting, a data browser with filtering, and the ability to export to many formats including SQL, CSV , XLS and JSON.

The $7.37 price tag also includes support that is available in English, Spanish and German using their ticket system or email.

The current version - 1.2.2 – runs on Android 3.0 and up.

The makers of ProSQL have also made a FREE DEMO Version available via Google Play.  It will only show one database of the MySQL Server and the database has to contain the word “test”.


Our next app is by Javier Romero, whose website is only partially (well, mostly) under construction.  It can be yours for the paltry sum of $2.17.


As the above screenshot illustrates, what sets Connect2SQL apart from other client apps is that it works with SQL Server, Sybase, and Postgres, in addition to MySQL.  It features basic SQL syntax highlighting and a fully scrollable results grid.  You can save commonly used SQL statements as well as review the history of executed SQL statements.

One caveat to keep in mind is that it’s aimed at somewhat proficient DBAs because it does not impose limitations on data manipulation language (DML) commands such as DROP, TRUNCATE, and DELETE. Hence, whatever you tell it to do, it does, no questions asked!

Connect2SQL supports Android 4.0 and up and is currently at version 2.6.1.


Mysql Manager Pro

John Li’s Mysql Manager Pro is one of many mobile apps that he makes available for download and purchase via his website.  Although his app has a solid four star rating on Google play, there are only seven reviews, so artificial ratings boosting cannot be ruled out. 

To be on the safe side, I explored cyberspace some more for confirmation.  That led me to badappreviews.com, a site that only posts negative app reviews!  There are none on the Mysql Manager Pro page.  That can be taken as a good sign. 

Mysql Manager Pro
Mysql Manager Pro

With the word “pro” in the name, you would expect some pretty advanced functionality, and indeed, there is.  Some of the more advanced features include Table Data Zooming, Export to CSV file, Advanced Search and Filter, and Easy Table Sorting. But perhaps the most impressive is the ability to view stored photos.

As far as support goes, you can email the developer directly or go through the 'Email Developer' link on Li’s app page.

The app sells for $5.99.  Additional features such as SSH are available for additional cost.  The current version of 1.0.8 is compatible with Android 3.0 or higher.

Mobile MySQL Manager

There had to be at least one free app worthy to join this list and that app is Mobile MySQL Manager by Simplicii Software.  You may know them for such classics as Color Reaction Test (or not).  Keep in mind that there is also a paid version of the app that goes for $2.77.   The only distinction as far as I can tell is that the paid version may be protected by a master password.  Apparently this is not a crucial feature for most people, as the paid version only has between one and five downloads!

Mobile MySQL Manager
Mobile MySQL Manager

Both the free and paid version of the app support all of the viewing and editing capabilities that you’d expect.  What is currently missing is the ability to search in databases/tables, SQL query history, SSH connection, and data exporting/importing.

I couldn’t find a website for Simplicii Software but you can always email the developer at martynas.janu@gmail.com for more information.

Mobile MySQL Manager 1.1 requires Android 1.6 or later.

Honorable Mention: vcrox mysql client

With a rating of 3.8, it would just seem wrong to not to give vcrox mysql client credit where credit is due.  Part of the reason for the sub-four-star rating could be the sheer number of downloads:  10,000 - 50,000!  With that many users, there’s always a chance that some of the more picky ones will submit a negative review.  It’s just the law of averages.  Or it could just be a case of “you get what you pay for”.  This is a free product, so some idiosyncrasies are to be expected.

Whatever the case, vcrox mysql client does boast plenty of cool features, including Export to HTML and CSV formats, Saving of Connections and Queries, as well as English and Spanish support.

The latest version - 3.3 – will run on Android 2.3 and up.


Whether you choose to go with a free or paid app, I think that the apps presented here today will serve you well.  If you do go with a free app, why not buy the developer a coffee for their troubles?  I’m sure they’d appreciate it!

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