SQL Server 2019 Community Technical Preview (CTP) 2.1 is Available Now

Monday Dec 3rd 2018 by Gregory Larsen
SQL Server 2019 Community Technical Preview (CTP) 2.1 is Available Now

Microsoft announced the release or CTP 2.1 for SQL Server 2019. This is the second CTP released for SQL Server 2019, and it has lots of new exciting features, like " UDF inlining". Read on to find out more!

At the PASS Summit in Seattle, Microsoft announced the release of the CTP 2.1 for SQL Server 2019.  This is the second community technology preview released for SQL Server 2019. Here is a list of the new features included in this new CTP version:

  • Deploy and manage R and Python scripts as an application inside a SQL Server 2019 big data cluster
  • Improves Intelligent query processing by adding scaler UDF inlining
  • Improves truncation error messages by include table and column names, as well as truncated value
  • Adds support for UTF-8 collations to the setup process
  • Improves diagnostic data for long-running queries that wait on synchronous statistics update operations
  • Provides static data masking to sanitize sensitive data in copies of your database
  • Implements a new Hybrid buffer pool which improves I/O latency by using persistent memory (PMEM) device  
  • Adds support for using derived tables and views in graph match queries
  • Introduces new client tool named Azure Data Studio to support administering and managing cross-platform database management systems

You can download the latest bits of CTP 2.1 from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/sql-server-2019

To find out more about all the new features released in this CTP 2.1, check out the following webpage:  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/sql-server/what-s-new-in-sql-server-ver15?view=sqlallproducts-allversions#databaseengine

With this new version of SQL Server, you now have better query processing and more support for big data.  If you are a data professional, you should consider looking at what this new exciting release is all about.

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