SQL Server Replication Verification

Monday Jan 17th 2000 by Kevin Goodwyn


1. Check the Scheduled Tasks (LogReader, Sync, and Distribution) on the Publisher/Distributor Server. Make sure there are no errors.

2. If the table(s) that is being replicated on the Subscriber Server did not exist before replication was setup, check the Table Objects Folder under the Pubs Database. See if the table(s) has been replicated.

3. If the table(s) did exist before replication was setup, perform a ‘select * from’ the table(s) to determine if any changes has been replicated.

4. Update the table(s) on the Publisher/Distributor Server using SQL Statements or the Application (if one exists) that is used to update the table(s).  Note: It is a ‘good practice’ to test with SQL Statements and the Application (if one exists) to ensure that there are no problems with replication within the Application.

Note: For testing you may want to change the Replication Tasks schedule or frequency. Refer to the Replication Tip (listed below) titled ‘Change a Replication Task Schedule\Frequency.’

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