Building Crosstabs from Access to SQL Server

Wednesday Oct 11th 2000 by Alan Enderby

I had to do a Cross Tab today.

I had to do a Cross Tab today.

I had the code in MS/ACCESS as a TRANSFORM statement and set about
creating a procedure to emulate it in SQL/Server.

The main aim was to recreate the report that I had produced in ACCESS
and it does.

It should also do everything else that you would expect of the
TRANSFORM statement and more.
It is in a very embryonic state at the moment and will probably
undergo several facelifts.
There is no error checking so use the @debug option to see what is
going on behind the scenes.

I'd like to share the code for comments and suggestions for

As with all my code the comments are sparse and badly spelt.

Most of my procedures and tables live in a database called common. I
prefer to place code in this database rather than master.
Partly because I can copy the common database from server to server.

Anyway here goes


Note the transform procedure requires the previously posted batch_tsql

Have fun.
Download the batch utility

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