Searching Stored Procedures Source Code

Saturday Oct 7th 2000 by Alan Enderby

Search for that hidden function - search your stored procedures with this script

Want to find that stored procedure that deletes those stock items.

This simple (& crude) script will scan syscomments for a given string
and display the stored procedure and the section of code.

if exists (select * from sysobjects where id =
object_id('dbo.sp_findsp') and sysstat & 0xf = 4)
drop procedure dbo.sp_findsp

create proc sp_findsp @s varchar(255) as
DECLARE @msg varchar(255) ,@ul varchar(255)
select @s='%' + @s + '%'
select 'SP Name'=upper(o.name), Seq=colid ,'SP
Line'=substring(text,patindex(@s,text)-5, 30)
from syscomments c , sysobjects o
where o.id=c.id
and patindex(@s,text) > 0
order by name
SELECT @msg='* Stored procedures containing string "' + @s + '=' +
convert(varchar(8),@@rowcount) + ' *'
SELECT @ul=replicate('*',datalength(@msg))
Print ' '
PRINT @msg
Print @ul


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