No Time to Tune Performance Issues Say Database Professionals

Friday Oct 8th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Survey reveals that database professionals wish they had more time to tune their databases.

Most DBAs don’t need a survey to realize they wished they had more time in the day, from the survey, respondents said they wish they had more time to:

  • just had more time to tune
  • fix poor SQL code
  • monitor the database more
  • learn new skills or technologies
  • keeping skills up to date
  • test new database features
“The lines between DBAs and developers are continuing to blur, with more production DBAs getting involved in non-production environments and traditional developers using SQL on a regular basis,” said Kyle Hailey, program manager for database performance and optimization products at Embarcadero." At the end of the day, both groups have equitable concerns and goals – namely, how to tune and improve the performance of SQL code without making it an enormous time suck.”
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