Percona to Provide Support for MySQL For a Flat Fee

Tuesday Oct 5th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Flat fee support for MySQL does away with per-server and per-CPU pricing.

The MySQL experts at Percona are changing the way pricing is being done for MySQL support; offering a flat annual fee for enterprise level support instead of per-server or per-CPU. The support will cover unlimited database servers for a flat annual fee to help companies reduce support costs.

“I've been very happy with Percona's responsiveness when I needed support,” said Taylor Weibley, Operations Manager at 37signals (http://37signals.com/), the company behind the popular Basecamp online collaboration software and two best-selling books on agile business models. “I recently got Percona's support staff on the phone in less than three minutes. That immediate responsiveness is key to keeping us online.”

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