Oracle's Acquisition of MySQL Doesn't Seem to Worry MySQL Users Much

Friday Jul 16th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

A recent study suggests that MySQL users are upbeat about the Oracle acquisition of MySQL.

Many people thought that the acquisition of MySQL by Oracle was going to kill the prospect of an open-source database. In fact, a recent study suggests that most MySQL users are either neutral or positive about where the database is headed. Of the 130,000 surveyed by Jaspersoft, 47% weren’t thinking of switching databases and only 5% said that they planned to, PostgreSQL being the most likely candidate. Also, 19% thought it was still too early to make a decision regarding a switch. And an interesting 22% said they would tend to use MySQL more now because Oracle owns it.

As far as the improvements coming, 43% said they thought MySQL development would improve, 35% said it would stay the same, and 22% said it would suffer under Oracle’s watch.

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