Oracle Technology Network Site Merger with Sun's Content Nearing Completion

Wednesday Jul 7th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

July 19th will mark the completion date for developers.sun.com, java.sun.com, and BigAdmin to be merged with the Oracle Technology Network.

A completely re-architected and re-designed Oracle Technology Network site will, on July 19th, now contain content from Sun’s developers.sun.com, java.sun.com, and BigAdmin; giving Java developers, database administrators, developers, system administrators, and architects a diverse and huge technical community to be part of. While there will no doubt be much more content than the normal user would have seen using any one of the independent sites before the merger it seems Oracle will be allowing both old entry points and filtering capabilities to help preserve some of the old look and feel to not overwhelm the user. Keep up to date on the move by following the Twitterstream @oracletechnet.
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