MySQL Databases Benefit from R1Soft's High-Performance CDP Backup Software

Thursday Apr 22nd 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

MySQL databases benefit from R1Soft’s high-performance CDP backup software provided by NYI data services; backing up Windows and Linux servers to create individually customized backup solutions for clients.

Customers of New York Internet (NYI) can now take advantage of the high performance, customizable backup solutions of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection. R1Soft’s CDP solution offers:

  • Disk-to-disk server backup for Windows, Linux, and MySQL
  • Quick restoration of data by R1Soft’s Bare-Metal Restore
  • Restoration of any combination of tables and/or databases to alternate locations by R1Soft’s True-Granular™ Restore
  • R1Soft’s Service Provider API, allowing users to customize according to their particular needs
  • User-access control which also allows multiple administrators
  • A graphical web-based and ease of administration.
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