NoSQL Data Access Through Eclipse Connected Data Objects Model Repository Plug-in

Thursday Mar 18th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

A NoSQL pluggable data access solution for the Eclipse community is made avaialble by Objectivity, Inc. through their Eclipse Connected Data Objects Model Repository plug-in.

The Eclipse Connected Data Objects (CDO) Model Repository store plug-in will be made available through Eclipse.org on March 22, 2010; providing a share model framework for Eclipse Model Framework (EMF) models and meta models that easily allows a variety of pluggable technologies to build complete prototypes with less development time.

Objectivity CEO and President, Jay Jarrell also noted:

"This is a significant step in our support of the Eclipse community, enabling application developers to build and deploy increasingly complex and mission-critical systems while greatly reducing barriers for the enterprise. The CDO Objectivity store supports the increasingly complex requirements of leading edge developers and organizations.."
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