Oracle Tours 15 Cities to Discuss Products, Services, and Plans

Wednesday Feb 17th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Focus will be on the newly combined company of Oracle and Sun and future plans with customers.

During the month of March, Oracle is hosting a tour of 15 informational events in cities across America. These events will discuss the products and services of the newly combined companies of Oracle and Sun, and also Oracle’s future plans with customers.

The cities and dates include:

  • New York, March 2
  • Toronto, March 3
  • Boston, March 4
  • Montreal, March 4
  • Tampa, March 9
  • Atlanta, March 10
  • Reston, Va., March 11
  • Chicago, March 16
  • Detroit, March 17
  • Minneapolis, March 18
  • Austin, March 23
  • Denver, March 23
  • Dallas, March 24
  • Houston, March 25
  • Seattle, March 30
  • Phoenix, March 30
  • Los Angeles, March 31
  • San Francisco, April 1

These plans no doubt will include Sun technologies with the future for MySQL looking bleak considering how Oracle handled the past acquisition of InnoDB in 2005 and fears of licensing issues—bringing fear into those that want to embed MySQL in appliances and forcing developers to think hard about alternative databases.

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