A little hardware banter between Oracle and IBM

Thursday Jan 28th 2010 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Oracle’s Ellison and IBM's director of product strategy, Bernie Spang sling some mud.

While yesterday’s webcast was to outline Oracle’s future plans for Sun Microsystems, it also included a flurry of quotes by Larry Ellison attacking IBM. With Oracle now being a software-hardware company, who else but IBM would they want to belittle? It’s interesting, almost flying to old-Sun defense, Ellison threw out hardware comments like:

"You would've thought IBM, because they do hardware and software, would've come out with a database machine many years ago, it's so obvious."


“…It's just that Oracle runs on modern computing hardware."

Do you think Ellison is taking this hardware game serious? Visit Database wars: IBM, Oracle's Ellison trade zingers to get an IBM perspective from Bernie Spang.

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