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Monday Oct 27th 2003 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Steve Callan's current articles.

Steve is an Oracle DBA (OCP 8i and 9i)/developer working in Denver. His Oracle experience also includes Forms and Reports, Oracle9iAS and Oracle9iDS. Steve's Hotmail email address is stevencallan@hotmail.com.

Current Articles

- Creating Dump Files in Oracle GoldenGate
- Getting Started with Oracle GoldenGate
- Oracle Database Replication: Streams vs. GoldenGate
- Fundamentals of Oracle GoldenGate
- Oracle DBA: 5 Technologies You Can't do Without
- How to Install the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Component
- Installing the Oracle WebLogic Server Component
- Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
- Connecting to SQL Server from Oracle Database
- Oracle APEX: Doing More with Less
- Book Review: Oracle SQL by Example
- Oracle Database: Flashback Vs. Recovery
- The Old and New of Oracle Business Intelligence
- What's New in Oracle Warehouse Builder
- Examining the Oracle Database 10053 Trace Event Dump File
- Purchasing Oracle Database Support for your Own Use
- Installing Oracle Database Sample Schemas using Data Pump
- PL/SQL Records for Oracle Database Administrators
- Setting Up Oracle Database's Oracle Text
- Oracle Text - Expanding Your String Searching Capabilities in Oracle Database
- SQL Server Management Features vs Oracle Database Management Features
- Mapping SQL Server Management Features to Oracle Database
- Mapping SQL Server Features to Oracle Database
- Oracle Database to SQL Server Comparisons
- Oracle DBA Job Interview - Nailing a Fairly Common Question
- Configuring Oracle as a Data Source for SQL Server
- Building an Oracle (and other RDBMS) Server Environment
- Setting up Oracle as a Data Source for SQL Server
- Oracle as a Data Source
- To Partition or Not to Partition in E-Business Suite
- Printing Barcodes in Oracle Reports
- More Advanced Features of Toad for Data Analysts
- Product Review: Toad for Data Analysts
- Protecting Data from Users
- Oracle's Block Browser and Editor tool
- SQL Performance Analyzer
- Installing Oracle Block Browser and Editor tool (bbed)
- Compressing files in Oracle
- RMAN TSPITR - Examining the driver script
- RMAN Drills
- Course Review: Performance Optimization for Developers by Hotsos
- Monitoring Databases
- VMware and Oracle Setup Examples - Part 2
- VMware and Oracle Setup Examples
- Revisiting Oracle Passwords
- Oracle on Windows, Revisited
- Connecting Oracle BI Publisher to SQL Server
- A Mirror between Oracle and SQL Server
- What's in an Oracle Schema?
- Changing the Word Size in Oracle
- Oracle Support Notes - "Complete Guides" Usually Aren't
- Oracle Concepts: Splitting Hairs
- Multilingual linguistic searching and sorting in Oracle
- Sorting Strings in Oracle
- Searching and Sorting Strings in Oracle
- Joining Disparate Data in an Oracle Database
- Hidden treasures in Oracle's STATSPACK utility
- Optimizer Hints in Oracle 11g (and hint overkill)
- Unleashing DBMS_PROFILER
- Free Hands-on Oracle E-Business Suite Training
- Installing Oracle E-Business Suite R12 on Windows 2003
- Business Intelligence Publisher - The "Other" Oracle Reports
- Oracle Reports for DBAs
- Hands-on Oracle: Backup and Recovery Games - Creating Datafiles
- Product Review - Toad Data Modeler 3
- Oracle Applications Reference Books
- Oracle DBA in an Oracle Applications World - Part 2
- Oracle Warehouse Builder Automated ETL Processing
- Oracle DBA in an Oracle Applications World
- Recovering from Loss of All Control Files
- Licensing and Auditing in Oracle
- Hands-on Oracle: Backup & Recovery Games
- Cascading in Oracle: Friend or Foe?
- Keywords in Oracle
- Managing Oracle's Undo Tablespaces
- More on Using Tools for Tracing
- RMAN Tablespace Point in Time Recovery
- Oracle Tuning Using Tracing, STATSPACK, AWR and Toad
- Saving Time by Reusing Storage
- Product Review: Oracle PL/SQL Tuning
- Hashing in Oracle
- Transportable Tablespaces: Why the Platform Matters
- The Dictionary in the Data Dictionary
- Making Database Administration Easier with Freeware
- Clearing Alerts in Enterprise Manager
- Learning Oracle by the Numbers
- Spicing-up Oracle on Windows
- Getting Inside the Optimizer - Part 2
- Getting Inside the Optimizer
- Partition Pitfalls in Oracle
- Serving up Server Alerts
- Row Movement in Oracle
- Quest Code Tester for Oracle
- Multipurpose code in Oracle and Oracle Forms
- Data Manipulation Using Java in Oracle
- Ordering Events in Oracle
- Oracle: Sorting Out Memory
- Getting a Handle on Indexes
- Review: Oracle Performance Tuning for 10gR2, Second Edition
- Product Review: EMS SQL Manager

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