Using the Oracle Data Mining API

Thursday Aug 3rd 2006 by Staff

Learn how to safely and directly let end users access Oracle's analytic APIs.

[From Oracle Corp.]

Following best practices, Oracle releases PL/SQL and Java application-programming interfaces (APIs) well before there is a point-and-click tool or builder available taking advantage of a newly released API. This practice enables developers to incorporate new functionality into their applications immediately and allows their organizations to benefit accordingly.

In this article, I will show how to quickly incorporate analytic and other APIs into a spreadsheet platform from which the end user can easily access the new code. As a guiding example, I will explain how I repackage the Oracle Data Mining (PL/SQL) API as a Java API and how it is then accessed from a spreadsheet called J Cells. J Cells is written entirely in Oracle JDeveloper. It is not limited to only allowing text and numbers as values of cells but instead it also handles Java objects as values and can access any Java API directly from its cells, for immediate deployment.

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