Displaying the Sizes of Your SQL Server's Database's Tables

Wednesday Mar 29th 2006 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

This article, by Scott Mitchell, shows how to easily build an ASP.NET 1.x or 2.0 page that will list the user tables in your SQL Server database along with the number of rows, the size of the data on disk, the size of the table index data, and other useful information.

[From 4GuysFromRolla.com]

In my day-to-day work as a writer, trainer, and consultant, I usually wear the ASP.NET developer hat, focusing on designing the middle-tier and front-end portions of ASP.NET applications with my exposure to the database usually being limited to data modeling and writing queries/stored procedures to access the data. The typical DBA activities - creating indexes, doing consistency checks, backing up the database, and so on - have always been someone else's responsibility. Over the past several months, however, I've been taking a more active role in the DBA side of things for a decent sized database, one with over 200 tables, close to 500 stored procedures, and chewing through a few gigabytes of disk space.

The article continues at http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/032906-1.shtml

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