Dissecting Oracle's Bid for Siebel

Tuesday Sep 13th 2005 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

The real winners in Larry Ellison's bold bid for the troubled CRM vendor will be Siebel's customers, according to our Enterprise Advisor.


The status of CRM legend Siebel has been the enduring question of the post-Oracle-acquisition-of-PeopleSoft era. I've been asked it a hundred times, and have tried to answer it at least that many. So now we know: Siebel is finished, relegated to that increasingly large industry sector known as “Oracle-bait.”

I have to admit I never thought Oracle or any other large vendor (SAP and IBM, primarily) would bother buying this ailing, and drifting, former juggernaut. It seemed a lot easier to just pick off the customers one by one as they figured out that connecting to their in-house Oracle or SAP suite was more important than running last century's best-of-breed CRM product.

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