Sun And Oracle Team Up To Enhance Enterprise JavaBeans

Thursday Jun 30th 2005 by Staff

The two companies will develop a common object-relational mapping model for storing Enterprise JavaBeans in relational databases.

[From InformationWeek]

Sun Microsystems is rapidly building out the Java language's support structure to make it a better platform for implementing both business-process and Web-services applications.

Sun will team up with Oracle to make it easier to build reusable Java components, known as Enterprise JavaBeans, says Joe Keller, Sun's VP of Web services and tools. The two companies are working together on the reference implementation of Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, which will be part of Java Enterprise Edition 5.0, due in the first quarter of next year, Keller says. J2EE consists of the Java Standard Edition core programming language, 5.0, plus a lot of supporting technologies accessed through APIs.

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