What's new in SQL Server 2005

Tuesday Jun 14th 2005 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

What's New in SQL Server 2005? The new version of SQL Server has been in development for five years now. That's given Microsoft time to build in a lot of new features. Mike Gunderloy highlights the most significant enhancements to help you judge whether you should start evaluating a potential upgrade.

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You've certainly heard the news by now: Microsoft is on the verge of releasing a new version of their flagship enterprise-ready database, SQL Server. In fact, they announced at this year's Tech Ed that SQL Server 2005 (formerly code-named "Yukon") would be released to manufacturing the week of November 11. So, even if you haven't been paying much attention yet, it's time to start now. Of course, no one in their right mind switches to a new version of a server database overnight. But we're at the point in the development cycle where it makes sense to start considering whether it's worth your while to upgrade. A big part of your decision should be based on whether you need the new features offered by the new version. That's the reason for this article: to give you a quick rundown of the major areas of improvement, so you can decide if it's time to investigate further.

One note: I'm picking and choosing the features that I consider the most significant in this list. There are literally hundreds of new features in this release. After all, Microsoft has been working on ir for half a decade, and that's a long time in software years.

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