"MySQL in a Nutshell": New Quick Reference Leads to Faster, More Productive Queries

Friday May 13th 2005 by DatabaseJournal.com Staff

MySQL in a Nutshell offers a wealth of examples based on realistic applications that show how features will benefit users and make for simpler, faster, more productive queries.

[From O'Reilly]

Sebastopol, CA--Stable and reliable, MySQL may not possess the elan of trendier open source technologies, but it has definitely earned its standing as one of the true success stories of the open source movement. Long a favorite database in the Linux and open source communities, it's made significant inroads into areas that used to be the exclusive province of Oracle or MS SQL Server. While its price is attractive--the GPL-licensed version is free for internal use, and commercial licenses and support are quite inexpensive--affordability is not the only factor in MySQL's success. There are, after all, other cost-free, open source databases available, but few can compete with MySQL's solid reputation for speed, ease of use, and flexibility.

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