Latest MySQL Fails to Quiet Licensing Critics

Tuesday May 25th 2004 by Staff

PHP and Zend co-founders say FOSS licensing exception does not solve lingering issues.


Open Source database vendor MySQL AB released its latest incremental release last week (version 4.0.20), but according to some in the community, it still doesn't address what some say serious licensing concerns.

The licensing issue prevents it from being included in some Linux distributions and working together, from a licensing perspective, with PHP. Last week, Red Hat's community Fedora Project released Fedora Core 2 and for all of its updated and improved packages, it had one notable omission: the 4.x version of MySQL.

"Currently, MySQL is not included in Fedora Core 2 due to conflicts with the MySQL licensing scheme," Fedora Project volunteer Jack Aboutboul told "The change in licensing from LGPL to GPL now prohibits inclusion of MySQL code in any software that is not explicitly licensed under the GPL, such as PHP."

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