New Datawatch|ES TotalView Module for Databases

Monday Apr 12th 2004 by Staff

The new Datawatch|ES enterprise report management TotalView module enables Datawatch|ES users to access and use data from databases and data warehouses with reports and data from traditional Datawatch|ES sources--legacy reporting systems, ERP systems, industry-specific IT systems, etc.

[From Datawatch Corp.]

Lowell, MA - Apr 12, 2004 - Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ: DWCH), a leading provider of report management, data transformation and service management solutions, today announced the release of the TotalView module for its Datawatch|ES report archiving, distribution and analytics system. For the first time, users will now have the ability to easily combine data from a report archive with that from any database or data warehouse without programming - resulting in consolidated information for critical decisions. The new Datawatch|ES TotalView module provides a wide range of Web-based dynamic reporting and mining capabilities and analysis tools normally found only in much more complex database driven reporting solutions.

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